Data Centre Heat ReUse
& Decarbonisation

What are you interested in?

What is the potential of heat reuse?

Do we measure the efficiency of Combined Heat Compute and what is the best cases?

Combined Heat Compute

The way for including a data center in a circular decarbonised economy.

How to minimise whole life carbon of server?

What is the carbon footprint of the server and how to decrease it?

GHG emissions in Data Centre

Description of the all Green House Gas scopes in Data Centre.

Why liquid immersion is the right way for data centres?

Get know why liquid immersion is the best solution for data centres.

What is the data center chiller's carbon footprint?

How chillers affect data center greenhouse gas emissions and evaluate Scope 3.

What is the embodied carbon of DC building and servers inside?

The core of data center embodied carbon emissions.

Bare Metal

Data Centre effort to lower carbon emissions.

Meet Our Team

Francois Tournesac

With over 25 years of sales leadership and business development experience in compute, storage and networking, I have acquired a strong knowledge of the worldwide IT, DataCenter and Telecom market.

David G.

Subject matter expert in transformation from 100% air heat transfer to: 1) hybrid liquid & air, 2) 100% liquid heat transfer systems with cold plate and immersion using combinations of water plus single and two phase liquids.

Who are we?

We offer technical & ownership consulting services with a special focus on the data centre industry and heat reuse applications for different climates. The support is based on carbon footprint analysis and climate profile to provide the transparency and avoid the “greenwashing”.


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